Punta Arenas

Punta Arenas is one of the southernmost cities on the South American continent. Here we can ask ourselves what Magellan must have thought upon his first landing here? This is a question that you can pose at the foot of his monument (located in Plaza Muñoz Gamero) while breathing in the pure air that is a mixture of Antarctic breezes and the port that runs through the city. Located at 3090 km. from Santiago de Chile, it is considered the gateway to the Antarctic region, which is the cause of the snowfall and rainfall that lashes the city during the winter, but also the reason for temperatures of up to 20 ° during the summer, making Punta Arenas ideal for touring and getting to know the region. Here you can see the intense commercial activity of the city developing in its streets, markets and squares, where the activity is not just of oceanic transit boats, but also boats transporting foreign visitors because Punta Arenas, a tax free zone, offers all of its products duty free. If you still have some energy after shopping, you can explore the historic part of the city, either by visiting the Maggiorno Borgatello Salesian Museum or the monuments dedicated to the Ovejero (traditional trade of the region) and the Indian figure (located in the Plaza de Armas) that waits for you to kiss its feet as a promise that someday you will return. And if you want to really experience what the first explorers discovered, be sure to sail through the Strait of Magellan, by boat or kayak, until you come into contact with the first inhabitants of the area that still survive today on Magdalena Island: Magellanic Penguins (Sphenicus Magallanicus). If you still want to continue exploring further south, as you approach the glacial continent you will see Tierra del Fuego, where the history and mysteries of the Kawescar and Selkman peoples continue to stir the curiosity of travelers.

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