There is an unbreakable bond between Chile and Argentina that goes well beyond their borders. In spite of the political decisions and the historical events in the region, those who inhabit the areas surrounding the border crossings are truly aware of the significance of their proximity and the values that come first for the two nations.

Torres del Paine – Patagonia


Chile on the go




June 23th, 2022



T he Andes Mountain Range, the natural symbol of this union, is home to several tourist attractions that have become more and more popular with the passing of time.

Now all we need to do is start the car and set off on this unique journey. Off we go!

Welcome to an itinerary brimming with surprises, colors and contrasts….one that is sure to make this chapter of your life truly unique. What better excuse than the very Patagonia when planning to visit the two countries? Despite the border crossings, the mountains, the rivers and the roads will showcase the reality: there is no such thing as borders. Mother Nature is the great host.

Patagonia Camp

Santiago de Chile

Arriving in Santiago de Chile gives you the chance to visit the capital of the country and thus, a place where a “tiny piece” of each city along with people from all over the world come together. Santiago is a captivating cosmopolitan city laden with culture.

After visiting it, travelers will be able to get to know neighboring places such as Viña del Mar and the always emblematic Valparaíso.

Santiago de Chile

The Singular Santiago

An elegant yet sober hotel. A highly recommended place to stay for those who love comfort and appreciate the beauty of the premises and the cuisine. It is also a strategic site for those who seek to visit the many attractions in the city. Keep in mind The Singular Santiago if you are planning to stay in one of its different hotels in Patagonia.

The Singular Hotel – Santiago de Chile


In Coyhaique, the city in the Aysén region, you will be able to penetrate the Chilean Patagonia in an almost magical way. As they start off from the heart of the Carretera Austral, travelers get a great hint of the road trip adventure ahead.

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Puerto Río Tranquilo and Lago Posadas will be the next stops on the itinerary. The whole journey at your own pace, with the breaks you need and the many surprises that the flora and fauna offer along the way.


El puesto hotel

This is the ideal lodge for those who wish to live an experience full of comfort and nature. A sustainable hotel that invites guests to feel the magnetism of Patagonia while taking a break from the road.

El Puesto Hotel

Lago Posadas Hotel

Surrounded by valleys and mountains, the Lago Posadas Hotel offers a place loaded with comfort and natural beauty all around. At the foot of the Andes Mountains, this establishment is a landmark on the way to Argentine territory.

Chaltén – Calafate

The following suggestion will have two key points on the route. Once in Argentine territory and surrounded by new attractions, travelers will reach El Chaltén, the national capital of trekking. That´s right. Here you will need to stay longer than planned if you wish to engage in some of the adventures, like the Laguna de Los Tres or Cerro Torre.

By then, you will be totally immersed in the many wonders of the south of the continent. The borders will surely become less “valid” as you contemplate and admire the natural wealth of the region.

Only two hours away from here stands the Perito Moreno Glacier, the main star in this area.

El Chaltén

Hosteria Senderos

Hostería Senderos, more than any other hotel, understands the dynamics of the travelers who visit it. The contact with the landscape is present in all of its facilities and the establishment offers services for guests to be able to rest after the long hikes and journeys of the day. Hostería Senderos features an inn as well as apartments and suites that accommodate up to six guests.

Hosteria Senderos – El Chaltén

Hotel Kosten Aike

Kosten Aike is definitely one big favorite among travelers, especially when it comes to taking time to get their energy back. In this sustainable and environmentally-friendly resort located in Calafate guests will find coziness, peace and the so-much needed rest at this point in the trip. There are still many destinations ahead and you must be in top form to make the most of them.

Hotel Kosten Aike

Torres del Paine and Punta Arenas

And just when you thought nothing could ever surprise you again, you will be able to close your adventure with a flourish from one of the most amazing sites in the continent. Be ready to enjoy a new perspective of the Andes, along with numerous magical settings and the complicity of nature combining the ocean, mountains and traditions as if in a symphony.

Torres del Paine

Las Torres Hotel

A journey per se, a constant experience and a shower of sensations, all in one place. Right in the heart of Torres del Paine National Park, Las Torres is committed to the preservation of nature and sustainable tourism. This option is the perfect combination between outdoor activities, comfort, luxury and environment.

Las Torres Hotel – Torres del Paine

Hotel Lacolet

Hotel Lacolet is the grand finale to this fascinating Road Trip. With the same goal in mind – the contact with nature and the majesty of the place – travelers will find all they need to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing experience during their stay here.

Hotel Lacolet – Punta Arenas

Is traveling between Argentina and Chile back to normal?

Since May 1st 2022 all the land crossing points between Chile and Argentina have been open. Travelers and locals can now cross the borders without any restrictions.

Please note that some requirements are still active, like the vaccination certificate and the affidavit. If you should have any queries please do not hesitate to contact one of our consultants in Chile On The Go or in Argentina On The Go.