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Torres del Paine


Chile on the go




January 27th, 2023

I n today’s post, with the aid of a number of documentaries and series, we will take our readers on a journey to some of the most stunning spots in Chile and the country’s many natural treasure troves.

Our Great National Parks


Hosted and narrated by former US-president Barack Obama, this five-episode nature documentary show explores some of the most amazing and lushest national parks on Earth. The Chilean Patagonia is showcased in one of the episodes in which Obama visits Torres del Paine while highlighting the significance of the ecosystems and describing the most iconic species in the area. A definite must-see!

América Salvaje

Disney Plus

This fascinating docuseries shows the behavior of America’s rich wildlife. The third episode features Atacama –the world’s driest desert-, its coast with the Andean flamingos and the many other species that this setting is home to.

Los ciclos de la tierra

Disney Plus

This documentary invites viewers to a moment of calm and admiration for the most stunning natural wonders on Earth. In the first episode, “Calma Gélida (Frosty Calm)” – which takes the audience on a trip around the most breathtaking frosty sceneries worldwide- the Chilean Patagonia comes into gorgeous focus…

Magical Andes


This docuseries takes the audience on a virtual trip of the Andes across South America and looks into the lifestyles and insights of the people who reside around the mountains. One of its episodes takes a close look at Chile and Argentina to exhibit the features that these two countries share, while appreciating the unparalleled beauty and majesty of this colossal mountain range.



An independent production which stirs everyone’s imagination with the spectacular images captured from the astronomical observatories in Atacama and the intriguing accounts by the desert-dwelling people.

A true must-watch for those who may be planning on visiting the area.

Mocha Island


This audiovisual project showcases Mocha Island, a remote natural paradise to the south of the Biobío Region, sharing a border with La Araucanía Region. The documentary is a magical exploration of the island and its landscapes, wildlife, history, legends and the lives of the locals. A visual treat bound to entice viewers into visiting this wonderful country.