What could be better than having an idea of how much you will probably need to set aside for your trip before traveling?

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February 22nd, 2023

W hile it is naturally impossible to anticipate the unforeseen, it is always best to find out in advance the cost of basic issues like meals, accommodation, transport, and the like, in order to avoid “surprises”.

In Chile On The Go today we would like to share some helpful information that will help travelers plan their budget more effectively.


When it comes to meals, there are a number of factors to consider: whether one or all of these are included in your hotel stay, your location, and needless to say, the category of the restaurant you choose to delve into the flavors of the Chilean cuisine.
As for breakfast or the afternoon snack, you may expect to spend between USD 5 and USD 12, while the cost of lunch in Santiago de Chile and other major cities may range from USD 9 to USD 15. If dinner includes wine, a dessert and/or it features several courses, it will understandably be more costly (between USD 69 and USD 95).


If you book your trip with Chile On The Go, you will receive a complete guide listing the most outstanding restaurants throughout the country, information about their rates, location and type of food served, as well as exclusive recommendations by the most renowned chefs in Chile.


Just like with meals, the cost of accommodation will be influenced by a variety of circumstances. Namely, the location, the number of days/nights, the characteristics of the hotel and surely, the amenities and services included. Across the country, there are hotels of excellent prestige that may be worth over USD 4,000 per night. However, travelers may also find other attractive, yet more affordable options to choose from. A 4-star hotel, for instance, will cost between USD 90 and USD 115 a night.



The cost of the transfer service from the airport is usually the kind of information first requested by travelers. And with good reason, as it is always best to have that arranged before landing in the destination. For a taxi ride to the center of Santiago de Chile you may expect to pay between USD 18 and USD 35. It all depends on the distance, of course. The Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport is also the point of departure to travel to the north and the south of Chile. The airport offers different flights to the destinations of your choice. We suggest you check with your COTG agent in that respect well in advance.

Admission Costs

Another cost you will want to add to your list is that of the admission tickets to the major national parks, museums, art galleries and many other attractions. Access to several of these spaces are free of charge. However, we always encourage visitors to carry some cash with them to secure their access, especially while visiting the remotest cities and villages in the Chilean territory. A little over USD 50 should be enough for this purpose.

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After a wonderful trip, you will surely wish to share some of that memorable experience with your loved ones back home. Souvenirs are always a good idea, and no matter how simple they may be, they are likely to be loaded with emotional value.

That is why we would like to close our post today by mentioning the cost of a few mementos worth taking back with you, with an average value of USD 3 for key rings and USD 5 for magnets or coasters. For those with a more generous budget, a high quality wine is sold for some USD 50, though more affordable options are also available.

Average Costs, for a week, per person

Meals: Main meals, snacks and beverages…………………………USD 240

Accommodation: Six nights in a four-star hotel ………………….USD 600

Transfers: airport, subway (in Santiago only), and taxi rides……..USD 50 to 215

Admission: National Parks, museums in Santiago……………USD 52

Souvenirs: Key-rings, sweets, wine………………………………..USD 410

*Please note these are only rough estimates.

Some useful tips:

– Exchange your money in Chilean territory.
– Carry cash with you, especially in smaller cities, where you may sometimes even get some good deals for using this means of payment.
– In COTG our experienced consultants will advise you on the budget of your trip, so it suits your needs and tastes and it includes the destinations of your choice, bearing in mind every single detail on your itinerary.