Visiting a new destination calls for the evaluation of accommodation, plans, activities and meals. However, there are several details of great importance which are often overlooked: “How can we travel around?”

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Santiago de Chile


Chile on the go




January 7th, 2022

I n today´s post we will be presenting the basics of public transportation in the capital city: its security, how to use its integrated system and some other recommendations.

What is transport like in Santiago?

The first significant fact is that you will be able to move around the city by using different means. The integrated transport system, which has been in operation since 2007, combines diverse forms and fares. What does that mean? That the buses in urban areas, the subway and the MetroTren system are all paid with the Bip! Card, which can be bought and topped up at the different subway and MetroTren ticket offices.

According to official sources, this system comprises an area of 2,353 km2, bringing together 32 comunas in the province of Santiago and other comunas of the Great Santiago, such as San Bernardo and Puente Alto.

Santiago de Chile

Metro / Subway

Santiago´s subway features six lines throughout the city. In the busiest area, home to most attractions, there is direct access to this kind of transport, which makes it a good alternative for travelers. The subway is fast and offers several key stations for a tour of the city´s most iconic spots.

Subway Santiago de Chile


Taxis in the capital city are black with a yellow roof. This is quite a traditional way of traveling here and, although there are many verified companies with first-class staff, some precautions are always necessary.

At the airport there is authorized staff you can hire directly and thus avoid being ripped off by taxi scams.

Like many other cities in Latin America it is always best to use a taxi booking application rather than grabbing a random taxi in the street.

Taxi – Santiago de Chile


In Chile the three most popular apps used to order a taxi are DiDi, Cabify and Uber, all of which may be paid in cash or with credit card. By using these platforms passengers may feel safer and even find out the driver´s personal information in the face of any eventuality.

In the words of an article in the newspaper La Tercera: “Within one year alone, DiDi surpassed Uber in the number of active driver-partners. While Beat and Cabify cited a 50% and 78% rise in the number of people downloading the application to generate extra income”, which indicates the high level of use and reliability of the service for both locals and visitors.


When traveling around the city, Moovit may be your best ally. This app provides information about schedules, routes and distances of the whole transport integrated system.

General Tips

– On certain special occasions, such as demonstrations or holidays, the transport system, like in most other cities in the world, can be affected. This is something to bear in mind.
– Have the established route with you.
– Google Maps: Remember that you may use this platform offline, provided you download the map in advance. What´s more, you may pin specific locations you would like to stop by as you go.
– Hire a ride with Uber, DiDi or any other app from safe places.
– If planning on using the metro, we suggest you do so during the non-rush hour times, for a more pleasant journey.
– Keep an eye on your belongings. While traveling around the city, only carry essential items.
– You never know what might happen to your cellphone: you might lose it, the battery may go flat, etc. Make sure you write down the basic information you may need in such cases: the address of the hotel, your traveling companions´ telephone numbers, among other useful data.