Our next destination is Santiago de Chile, the capital of Chile and a strategic point to visit some of the most outstanding attractions in the country.

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Santiago de Chile


Chile on the go




December 15th, 2021



T his city was founded on February 12, 1541, and it has been not only a starting point for several historical and political milestones in Chile, but also the backbone of the culture and architectonic wealth of the whole territory.

Surrounded by mountains, Santiago is home to lively and amazing spots. With the combination between modern buildings and historical jewels, or the wealth of its cuisine, this city offers a wide range of options that cater for all tastes. Not to speak of the beauty of the settings where to take pleasure in a delicious meal or a drink with friends. Santiago is pure magic!

Below you will find five of our main recommendations to enjoy this place: a tour around the most emblematic museums, viewpoints, green spaces, the city´s historic center and so much more…

Palacio de La Moneda

1. Museums

According to official data of the National Sub-directorate of Museums, Chile is home to 320 registered museums, the majority of which are based in the metropolitan region. This time we will focus on three of the most outstanding: the National Fine Arts Museum, the Chilean Museum of Pre-Colombian Art, and La Chascona, without leaving out, of course, the wide selection of treasures to be discovered in the city.

National Fine Arts Museum

Its architecture is well worth a visit. Since its foundation on September 18, 1880, it has been a point of reference in the art of the country and Latin America. Not surprisingly, it is the first in the continent. Emile Jequier is the Franco-Chilean architect who gave it a truly special touch.

National Fine Arts Museum

Chilean Museum of Pre-Colombian Art

Following an agreement with the Illustrious Municipality of Santiago and the Larraín Echenique family, the Chilean Museum of Pre-Colombian Art opened its doors. A space that seeks to keep and protect the tradition and roots of the country, an ideal site where to connect with the history of the city. It is located one block away from the Plaza de Armas, which is one significant point if the history of the country. Its neoclassical style does not go unnoticed in the area.

Chilean Museum of Pre-Colombian Art

La Chascona

“And one by one the nights between our separated cities are joined to the night that unites us.” This is a quote by the great protagonist in this place. Yes, we are talking about Pablo Neruda, the great Spanish-speaking writer. This building not only conserves the author´s collections, but it is also the headquarters of the Fundación Neruda. It is one of the author´s three houses and it has become a meeting point for his readers and reading enthusiasts.

La Chascona

2. Costanera Center

The elevators here will take you to the highest point in Latin America in less than 1 minute. This majestic building is home to a luxurious shopping mall as well as the stunning Sky Center, which offers visitors an exclusive view of the city. Regardless of the time of the year, you will be presented with a dreamlike cityscape, along with a memorable experience. It is open all year round, so there are no excuses for not dropping by.

Costanera Center

3. Cerro Santa Lucía

Looking to connect with nature and the local history? Then Cerro Santa Lucía is the place to visit. 629 meters above sea level, this 65,300- square-meter urban park is closely related to Santiago. From this site Pedro de Valdivia founded the city of Santiago de Nueva Extremadura. The aboriginal peoples used to call it Huelén, whose translation is “pain, sadness or melancholy”, but its present name is linked to the date on which Valdivia took over the cerro – December 13, Santa Lucía´s Day.

Cerro Santa Lucía

4. Historic Center

As we mentioned earlier in this post, the historical relevance of the Chilean capital is rather special for the whole region. Indeed, some of the most emblematic landmarks are proof of that. Here is a list of the must-see places in the center of Santiago:

Plaza de Armas

This is the most suitable starting point for a tour of the center of the city. Santiago´s Metropolitan Cathedral, along with the Sagrario chapel, is one big highlight. In the surrounding area, storekeepers, artists and locals will offer you an outlook on the idiosyncrasy and everyday nature of the capital city, without disregarding the architectonic wealth of the place- a reminder of their own history.

Plaza de Armas

San Francisco Church

The most antique monument in the city was built between 1562 and 1618 by the Franciscan community. It is home to one of the most outstanding pieces in this religious building, the Virgen del Socorro, which was brought by Pedro de Valdivia on founding the city.

San Francisco Church


Santiago´s Municipality, the National Museum of History, and the Law Courts are also featured in this traditional tour. The area offers a wide range of restaurant choices-serving appetizing and varied local dishes- where to recover your energy and go on with your tour of the city.

The National Museum of History

5. Out on a stroll

At this point in the itinerary, what could be better than taking a break? The city also features its own “getaways” for those who seek some peace and quiet, entertainment or simply a cup of coffee outdoors.

Bicentenario Park

An extensive green lung where to go for a stroll, do exercise or ride your bike while you sight some of the animals in its artificial lagoons. Fairs and other activities are frequently held, so you are likely to find one while visiting.

Bicentenario Park

Barrio de Lastarria

The greatest landmark here is the Fine Arts Museum. However, this area with a bohemian atmosphere is also home to a lively commercial sector with charming eateries, art galleries and so much more. The elegance of the Italian-styled Palacio Bruna or the Casa-Taller Luciano Kulczewski offer a unique contrast with the bars, cafes and magic filled spots in this barrio.

Barrio de Lastarria

Barrio Bellavista

Here´s to another trip! The best place to make a toast to this adventure is this enchanting barrio, where you will find lots of entertainment and good music in a jolly environment.

Barrio Bella Vista

Barrio Italia

If you are planning something quieter or more relaxing, then barrio Italia is sure to give you that break you are looking forward to, whether it is with a delicious coffee or with a cool beverage in one of its traditional establishments. And if you wish to add a little something to your plan, then you shouldn´t miss its art galleries and bookstores.

Restaurant in Barrio Italia

Barrio Las Condes

An exclusive barrio in the city, a representation of the country´s economic elite. This area boasts luxurious houses as well as a breathtaking view of the Andes, green spaces and prestigious financial centers.

Barrio Las Condes