Traveling responsibly is all about adopting the right attitude and vision, and making decisions based on the respect and benefit for the local communities, their cultures, economies and the surrounding environment. This way we can make a positive impact, insuring the sustainability of our footprint and the possibility to keep on doing what we most like, which is traveling. Taking ownership and responsibility for sustainability in our work is a commitment we make with a view to the healthy growth of tourism in our country.

Our Sustainable Commitment

We promote responsible work among the local communities and the development of itineraries that will create opportunities in areas aside from the most popular tourist routes in our country.

When selecting our local operators we prioritize those who come from families living in the area, thus generating genuine work and economic benefits through the organization of our packages. When designing the itineraries we encourage off the beaten track tours, not only with a view to avoiding the big crowds in certain destinations but also in order to create opportunities and support to the regional economies all over the country.

Community Commitment

Because we are fully aware of the significant role that education plays in the future of our country, since the year 2014 our organization has been sponsoring a school in the rural community “El Volcán”, in the province of San Juan, called Monseñor Tomás Segundo Cruz. We´ve been doing so through APAER (Asociación Civil Padrinos de Escuelas Rurales), an organization whose mission is to raise awareness of the reality of our rural schools, as well as to contribute with scholarships, projects and financial support so as to discourage alienation and thus foster equal opportunities.

We make a commitment with the environment by creating sustainable guidelines that will counteract the impact produced by our activity.

We promote respect and care for nature when designing our packages by looking to make a positive impact through the activities and routes we create, by raising our travelers´ awareness on how to reduce their footprint with their own actions, and by choosing our local operators on the basis of their sustainable practices and guidelines.

Environment Commitment

With a view to reducing the carbon footprint produced by our activity, we make a direct contribution to REFORESTARG, an organization whose aim is the pursuit of the preservation and the regeneration of the native forests in our Patagonia, thus boosting the development of the regional economies and building community among those of us who pursue the same goal. Besides our direct contribution, Argentina On The Go and inRuta make their commitment by planting one tree per every confirmed traveler.

We keep updated and communicated in order to raise awareness, also promoting the practice of a sustainable tourism through the experience of our trips.

The sustainable policies we undertake are present throughout our chain of work, and so is the development of good practices and customs that will ensure sustainability, not only internally but also through the final product, which creates our brand essence.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is not only a commitment with the environment but with ourselves and with those who trust their trips to our team. Besides our contribution through specialized organizations like REFORESTARG and APAER, Argentina On The Go and inRuta set and pursue their own sustainable goals through the following guidelines:

  • Reducing the use of plastic throughout the chain of work.
  • Reducing the carbon footprint produced by the use of non-renewable energies throughout the value chain.
  • Always holding respect, coherence, transparency and gender equity at our workplace and throughout the value chain.
  • Conducting constant in-house training on the good practices of sustainability in our industry.
  • Generating commitment on the suppliers´ end, with a view to reinforcing these guidelines along with each of the operators involved in the value chain.
  • Constantly introducing technological innovation that will contribute in the sustainable development of our industry.