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The Singular Patagonia


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March 30th, 2023

Acknowledged by some of the most renowned magazines like Luxury Travel, Forbes, Departures, Escape, The Singular has become a big favorite for travelers who, year after year, choose it as one of the top accommodations when visiting the natural marvels of Patagonia and Santiago de Chile.

The Singular features two “one-of-a-kind” properties: In Patagonia, a luxury lodge from which to embark on the most iconic excursions in Southern Chile. In Downtown Santiago, an exclusive hotel nestled in the artistic and urban hub of the city.

To delve deeper into The Singular and discover the many features that make it unique , we talked with one of its spokespersons, and here is what we learnt.

How would you describe The Singular?

We are united by the unique. The Singular is the welcoming spot for visitors who seek to witness space outside of time. A collection of upscale hotels unparalleled in Chile whose aim is to preserve the identity of its setting, paying tribute to the history behind each location.

This is a space that goes beyond the experience of being where things happen, with a sophisticated cuisine that sources local ingredients from diverse regions , along with a simple yet elegant ambiance, and a personalized service. Luxury brings us face to face with nature, culture, history and the experience of living it along our endless journey.

The Singular Patagonia

How did the project in Patagonia start?

The place was rebuilt and resuscitated by the fourth generation of relatives of the pioneers who settled in the area and developed an outstanding sheep farming industry over 100 years ago. The Singular pays homage to the historical significance of these founders and their ventures, which fostered the cultural and the economic development of the area.

Visitors here may appreciate the centennial machinery- which was brought all the way from England in the early 20th century- , the wooden pier from which ships loaded and distributed wool and meat to the many markets across the world, along with the local customs and traditions reflected in the legacy that fills the premises.

Besides what one may admire through the pictures, what are the major natural attractions that guests at The Singular Patagonia may enjoy?

Being placed on 50 hectares by the Fjord of Last Hope Sound, in Puerto Bories, just outside of the town of Puerto Natales, The Singular Patagonia grants its guests the extraordinary opportunity to experience all that Chilean Patagonia has to show, namely, authentic Patagonia: from expeditions to the nearby glaciers, horseback rides to private reserves, hikes and tours to the historical Puerto Natales, to the exciting adventures around the famous Torres del Paine National Park.

Excursión Glaciares Balmaceda y Serrano

What are the main features of the rooms?

In The Singular Patagonia, all 57 rooms stand out for the breathtaking open view of the Chilean fjords. The exceptionally spacious rooms, that range from 45 to 70 square meters, feature an elegant ambiance, large beds designed for deep sleep,a minibar with food and beverages, a bathroom with separate shower and tub, and room service.

Habitación The Singular Patagonia

How easy is the access to both hotels?

The Singular Patagonia: The hotel is located in Chilean Patagonia, some 5 minutes from Puerto Natales (PUQ) and on the banks of the Señoret Channel, a point of departure for some interesting sea expeditions around the Patagonian fjords. A 3-and-a-half-hour flight from Santiago de Chile to Punta Arenas, and from there 2 and a half hours by land to the hotel.

The hotel lies where the Last Hope Sound ends, a point from which to embark on excursions to the most far-flung destinations on the planet, including the Torres del Paine National Park. The Singular lies 10 minutes by car from the Puerto Natales Airport (PNT). We offer to pick up visitors who arrive there.

From Buenos Aires, via El Calafate, there is a flight that lasts 3 and half hours. From there, travelers need to cross the border by land- a journey of unparalleled beauty!

The Singular Santiago: Lastarria was the first neighborhood founded in Santiago city. Its historical and cultural surroundings include the Parque Forestal, the Fine Arts National Museum, Cerro Santa Lucía, the Municipal Theater of Santiago, along with a wide selection of restaurants, pubs, and designer shops, all of which make this area one of the most attractive and visited in the city. The nearest airport is 40 minutes from the hotel.

Rooftop The Singular Santiago de Chile

Which is the best time of the year to visit and why?

The Singular Patagonia operates seasonally, from September to April every year. The Singular Santiago is open all year round.

How long do you suggest visitors should stay, to make the most of it?

We advise between 3 and 4 nights in The Singular Patagonia.

Which are the most valuable features of each hotel?

The Singular Patagonia is placed in a privileged setting surrounded by pure and unique nature. It was built from the converted Bories cold storage plant (dating from the early 20th century), a precursor to the origin of Puerto Natales town.

As for its cuisine, the local produce takes center stage in the preparation of the regional dishes, which reflect the pure essence of Patagonia.
Last but not least, the strategic location as a point of departure for a variety of excursions inside and outside of the Torres del Paine National Park.

In The Singular Santiago, guests are offered a host of unique experiences for a comfortable stay in the city. The materials used in its design evoke the classic with details that stand out for their contemporary style. Each of the 62 rooms recreate the cozy spirit of a large house that extends an invitation to a comfortable break away from time, within the city.

Its sophisticated cuisine features dishes that mix French techniques and top-quality ingredients from all Chile leading to an extraordinary sensory experience in our restaurant, Rooftop bar and Merced bar.
Most importantly, day after day, we endeavor to ensure that our guests receive a first-class personalized service to make their stay second to non