Calama, the closest airport to San Pedro de Atacama (100 km away), will be the starting point of this “enlightening tour” of the main star destination in our blog today.
Over the last few years, this ancient village has undoubtedly become a must-see place while traveling around Chile. So, travelers, welcome aboard to a new adventure!

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San Pedro de Atacama


Chile on the go




August 20th, 2021

T he journey from Calama to this enchanting Chilean village gives us an anticipatory picture of how far-off, arid and hostile our destination will be. After a little over one hour on the road we will reach a picture- postcard place whose architecture is bound to mesmerize everyone: most of the houses in San Pedro de Atacama are made from adobe and stone; its quaint main square, streets and church are also landmarks in this “oasis”.

Church of San Pedro de Atacama

In spite of its long distance from Chile´s main cities, Atacama features an irrigation canal that distributes water, as well as services such as ATMs, pharmacies, bakeries, eateries and so much more. Obviously, without losing its identity and the charm bestowed by its lovely streets.

San Pedro de Atacama is a must-see for adventurers not only because of its beauty and cultural wealth. It is also a starting point to visit some of the natural treasures that lie within this vast country.

Here are some of the top destinations you may tour while staying in San Pedro de Atacama.

The Tatio Geysers

Located 84 km away from San Pedro de Atacama. You will need to challenge your senses when you visit this destination, which may reach extremely low temperatures. The journey starts very early in the morning and as you approach the area you will feel the severely cold weather embracing you.

Come and witness this rare and breathtaking phenomenon that can only be seen in few places around the world: nature spraying out of the surface of a field where geysers reach 85°C.

The Tatio Geysers

Altiplano Lagoons

Located within The Flamingo Natural Reserve, some 4,000 meters above sea level, lagoons like Miscanti and Miñiques will truly leave you speechless. Intrinsically impressive and surrounded by a natural wealth that magnifies their beauty: the deep blue color of their water contrasting with the mountains, and the magic of the desert. You will find yourself taking endless pictures of this paradise!

Altiplano Lagoons

Valle de la Luna y de Marte (Moon and Mars Valley)

The journeys around Atacama will definitely push you out of your comfort zone, even out of your real world. You will feel you are not only in a different era, but also in a different planet. The Moon Valley, another stunning attraction in Atacama, is home to rocky formations, dunes, features, colors and vastness, all of which turn it into one of the must-visit destinations while in San Pedro de Atacama.

Mars Valley

Astronomical Observatory ALMA

The characteristics of this site turn Atacama into one of the most significant and outstanding destinations in the astronomical research of the planet.

ALMA, the observatory you will be able to visit, is a natural laboratory for astronomy: thanks to the favorable conditions of the desert, this site has 75% of the capacity of Earth observation in the planet. The most recommended months to visit this attraction are June, July and August.

Night sky Atacama Desert

Additional Information

– In Caracoles Street, the main street in San Pedro de Atacama, you will find ATMs, pharmacies and restaurants.
– Even when the desert is usually associated with hot temperatures, don´t forget to bring in some warm clothes. Temperatures at night and in the early hours can be extremely low.
– In most cases, tourist attractions are over 4,000 meters above sea level.
– Contact Chile On The Go if you wish to know about destinations you may reach by bike, trekking, astronomical tours or even where to go sand boarding.

Where to eat

Some of the best-ranked eateries in the city serve local dishes, a fact that turns them into big favorites among tourists. Baltinache, La Picada del Indio, Ckunna, Solcor…are among some of the most highly recommended by Chile On The Go. Most of them offer main course dishes like filets, loin, salmon, pork ribs, or pasta in a variety of presentations, as well as the chance to savor other local dishes like chañar, quinoa and Chilean carob.